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Film Synopsis:

Jess, a 29-year-old Haida woman returns to her village after 15 years to find that her identity as a young indigenous person is far more complex and challenging than she could have ever imagined. While on a camping trip with a childhood friend, they are stalked by supernatural creatures that force Jess to come to terms and reconcile her colonial-Canadian and traditional-Haida identities while trying to stay alive.

COMING Summer 2017

Year: 2017

Writer/Director: Patrick Shannon

Cast: Gillian Thomson, Cody Wilson, James McGuire, Graham Richard

Crew: Niccola Marsden, Anni Koenig, Zaya Zaleska, Cora Camire, Jon Callfas, Ollie Popely, Chris Callfas,

Location: Haida Gwaii, BC