Day 1 – Let the trip begin

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March 16, 2015
Day 2 – Prince Rupert
September 30, 2015

Day 1 – Let the trip begin

Early-morning bleary eyes and last-minute errands morph into palpable excitement as we roll up to the ferry landing. Gear is packed, to-do lists are completed, coffee is in hand, and the journey at hand is finally sinking in. In front of us lies ten days of filming; we’ll be driving to First Nations communities across the Northwest to capture the inspiring stories of young changemakers.

More immediately, in front of us lay the “Northern Expedition,” the ferry that would carry us the 130km across the open waters of the Hecate Strait to Prince Rupert and the mainland. Excited to be off island for the first time in months, we couldn’t help but laugh as the ferry workers took our tickets and wished us a good time in “Canada.” Always a good reminder of how special Haida Gwaii is!

The 9 hour ferry ride passed quick(er) thanks to fellow passengers, a 4 hour Pitch Perfect marathon, and musings about a 4 litre jug of milk that our neighbouring seat mates had on the windowsill. Upon arriving in Rupert we were greeted by Thomas Barnett, a really rad young Cree lawyer with an awesome book and record collection, and an even better repertoire of jokes. We shared dinner and conversations with engaging community members, and rounded off the evening meeting our partner-in-crime Lisa Mueller.

Lisa is coordinating the Nation2Nation Forum and commissioned us to collaborate with this film project with her. Together, we’ll be criss-crossing the Northwest in search of stories to tell and youth to meet!

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